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Pre-Conference Workshops at ICFA 2024

Pre-Conference Workshop on "How to publish in SCI journals?"

Date: 4th June 2024 | Time: 10:30 IST

A pre-conference workshop on how to publish in an SCI journal typically aims to guide participants through the process of writing and submitting research papers to journals indexed in the Science Citation Index (SCI). The workshop would likely cover a range of topics essential for successful publication, including:

  • Understanding SCI Journals
  • Manuscript Preparation
  • Submission Guidelines
  • Peer Review Process
  • Publication Ethics
Prof.Punyasloke Bhadury

Prof.Punyasloke Bhadury

Professor of Biological Sciences at IISER Kolkata, India

Ideas in Focus: ICFA 2024 Panel Discussions Showcase

Panel Discussion on "Embarking on a Green Journey: Sailing Towards Carbon-Neutral Fisheries for a Thriving Blue Economy"

Join us for an insightful panel discussion that delves into the critical realm of achieving carbon neutrality in fisheries, propelling us toward a sustainable blue economy in the context of an eco-friendly future. This discussion will explore innovative strategies, best practices, and collaborative efforts necessary to navigate the complexities of fisheries management while minimizing environmental impact. Experts from diverse fields will share their perspectives on how the fishing industry can play a pivotal role in,
  • fostering a green and sustainable future
  • ensuring the health of marine ecosystems
  • supporting the livelihoods of communities dependent on the blue economy.
As we navigate this vital course, our goal is to uncover actionable insights, promote responsible practices, and contribute to a harmonious balance between economic activities and environmental preservation in our pursuit of a carbon-neutral and sustainable future for our oceans.

Innovation in Action: Explore ICFA 2024 Workshops

Workshop on "Harmony in Aquatic Realms: Exploring the Aspects of Biology, Environment, and Ecology"

This workshop is designed to unravel the intricacies of aquatic life and ecosystems. “Harmony in Aquatic Realms” is an exploration of the interconnected aspects of biology, environment, and ecology that define the delicate balance sustaining aquatic habitats. This workshop aims to explore the unique relationships between biological diversity, environmental factors, and ecological dynamics in aquatic environments. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with seasoned professionals, share insights, and explore practical solutions for sustaining aquatic harmony.

Workshop on "Harmony in Aquaculture: Sustainability in Nutrition, Feed Manufacturing, Diet Formulation, and Food Conversion Efficiency for Carbon-Neutral Fisheries”

This workshop offers a deep dive into the pivotal role of sustainable nutrition practices, feed manufacturing techniques, and diet formulation strategies in advancing the mission of environmentally responsible fisheries. This immersive session explores the vital aspects of nutrition, feed manufacturing, diet formulation, and food conversion efficiency, paving the path to propel fisheries towards a carbon-neutral future.

Workshop on "Ecosystem Dynamics: Cultivating and Managing Fishery Resource Habitats through Innovative Conservation Strategies"

Embark on an academic exploration into the intricate interplay of ecosystem dynamics, focusing on the cultivation and management of fishery resource habitats through innovative conservation strategies. This workshop, titled “Ecosystem Dynamics,” aims to provide a collaboration of professional and scholarly platform for in-depth discussions on the ecological intricacies of fishery habitats and the application of cutting-edge management approaches for sustainable fisheries.

Skills for Success: Training Sessions at ICFA 2024

Training Session on "A Cross-Generational Exchange in Fisheries and Aquaculture Studies: Bridging Academia, Industry, and Policy"

A comprehensive workshop designed to provide undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students in fisheries and aquaculture with invaluable insights and advice from seasoned professionals. This workshop integrates, academic narratives, industry experiences and policy perspectives, offering a well-rounded understanding of diverse career pathways in these fields.

Participants get the opportunity to,

  • engage with speakers
  • acquire practical career development skills
  • establish connections with leaders who have successfully navigated aquatic careers

Join us for a day of knowledge sharing, mentorship, and networking as you embark on your own journey in the dynamic world of fisheries and aquaculture.

Optimizing Networking Experiences: ICFA 2024's Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

One-to-One Collaboration Sessions

Unlock the full potential of collaboration with our One-to-One Collaboration Sessions, designed exclusively for fostering institutional partnerships.
Engage in personalized sessions that cater to your specific interests and preferences, utilizing our dedicated app to ensure seamless organization.
This exclusive collaboration space is created to facilitate meaningful discussions and forge strategic alliances.

MOU Signing Time for Partners

Join us for a significant and formal occasion during the ICFA 2024, the MOU Signing Time for Partners. This dedicated session marks a pivotal moment where universities/ organizations come together to formalize their commitment to collaboration and partnership.
Experience the diversity of partnerships as entities from various sectors, including academia, industry, and policy makers, come together to sign Memorandum of Understanding. This diversity reflects the interdisciplinary nature of our conference and the potential for cross-sectoral collaboration.
If your university or organization is interested in formalizing collaboration with other entities in attendance, please reach out to our organizing committee (secretariat@aquaconference.com) to facilitate the process leading up to the MOU Signing Time. Ensure that your partnership aligns with the conference’s objectives and themes.

Special Engagement Sessions for Virtual Participants

At ICFA 2024, we are committed to inclusivity and ensuring that every participant, regardless of their physical location, has a fulfilling conference experience. Join us virtually, and let’s make this conference a truly global gathering! We are excited to introduce our Special Engagement Sessions exclusively designed for remote participants.

Interactive Discussions:

Engage in lively discussions on key conference topics. Our virtual engagement sessions are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations, ensuring that your voice is heard and your insights are valued.

Q&A Sessions:

Get direct access to speakers and presenters through dedicated Q&A sessions. Ask your burning questions, share your perspectives, and be an active part of the conversation, all from the comfort of your virtual space.

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with fellow virtual participants and expand your professional network. Our virtual engagement sessions provide unique networking opportunities, allowing you to make valuable connections within the conference community.

Note: Detailed schedules and access information for Virtual Engagement Sessions will be provided closer to the conference date. Stay tuned for updates!

Student Chat Time with Co-Chairs and Key Speakers

Welcome to an exclusive opportunity for students at our upcoming conference! We are excited to introduce the “Student Chat Time” session, designed to foster motivational and inspirational conversations between students and esteemed co-chairs, committee members, and key speakers.
This special session aims to create a unique space for students to engage in meaningful discussions with influential figures in their respective fields. By facilitating direct interactions, we hope to provide valuable insights, encouragement, and mentorship to the student community.

What to Expect:

Informal Conversations: Enjoy casual and friendly dialogues in a relaxed setting.
Career Guidance: Seek advice and guidance on academic and professional paths.
Inspiration: Gain inspiration from the experiences and journeys of our distinguished co-chairs, committee members, and key speakers.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and build a network for future collaborations.

How It Works:

Schedule: Check the conference agenda for designated Student Chat Time slots.
Registration: Limited slots are available, so register early to secure your spot.
Engagement: Be ready for a lively and enriching conversation with our esteemed guests.

Who Can Participate:

All registered students are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate student, PhD student, or early-career professional, Student Chat Time is designed to benefit students at all levels. We look forward to fostering an environment of growth, mentorship, and collaboration!

Partner’s Dinner

We are delighted to host an exclusive gathering for key individuals and representatives of our esteemed partner organizations. The Partner’s Dinner is not just a meal; it’s an opportunity for meaningful discussions, relationship-building, and the exchange of valuable insights among key stakeholders in our vibrant community.
Highlights of the Partner’s Dinner include:

Networking Opportunities:

Engage with key decision-makers, thought leaders, and influencers in a relaxed and conducive setting. Connect with like-minded professionals who share a passion for advancing our industry.

Interactive Discussions:

Participate in thought-provoking discussions that go beyond the conference sessions. Share your experiences, challenges, and insights with fellow partners, gaining valuable perspectives that contribute to collective growth.


Strengthen relationships with your industry peers and potential collaborators. The informal setting of the Partner’s Dinner encourages open dialogue and the establishment of connections that extend beyond the event.

Exclusive Insights:

Gain exclusive insights into upcoming trends, collaborative opportunities, and key developments that can impact your organization. Leverage the expertise and knowledge present in the room to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.


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