“Stepping to 2021: The Next Chapter of ICFA

A workshop will be arranged by the Conference Co – Chairs to discuss the outcomes and get the feedback of the Conference. Participants can share their experiences of attending the conference and express their ideas on areas to be improved in the future.

Moreover, the plans to be executed when organizing for ICFA 2021  will be discussed during the workshop providing an opportunity for participants to share their views and voice their suggestions in terms of the conference theme, conference tracks, venue, dates, keynote speakers, partners featured events and any other applicable areas. The workshop will provide an insight to deliver the future conferences in a fruitful way with the outputs received by the Conference Chair, Keynote Speakers, Participants, and Organizers.


Dr. Ravi Fotedar Conference Co-ChairDr. Ravi Fotedar

Curtin University

Date: 27th November  2020
Time: 17:30 ‐ 18:00

Audience: All Conference Participants


Meet and Mingle – Networking Break

Meet and Mingle with our exclusive Conference partners, Industry Experts, and Researchers


ICFA 2020, organized by the International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) in partnership with the Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand as the hosting partners together with academic partners Mulawarman University, Indonesia and Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia invite you to meet and connect with professionals and experts in the aquaculture field from different countries.

You won’t find a better occasion to make new contacts with representatives from Universities and Industries all around the world, and develop existing ones, than at The Meet and Mingle – Networking Break


To be a part of this session, please keep in touch with the Conference Program.