Keynote Speaker

Dr. N. Felix

Dr. N. Felix

Vice – Chancellor
Tamil Nadu Dr.J.Jayalalitha
Fisheries University


Dr. N. Felix, the Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University, boasts an illustrious career spanning more than three decades in the realms of teaching, research and extension. His administrative service has been demonstrated through his capacities as Acting Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Director and Dean over an impressive eight-year tenure. He has contributed significantly to academic works, having authored over 150 scientific and semi-scientific papers, 70 conference abstracts, 5 ISBN textbooks and an additional 80 publications. His leadership has steered the successful execution of 38 R&D, institutional entrepreneurship and industry linkage projects, collectively valued at Rs. 35 crores from various funding agencies.
Guiding the academic journeys of 14 Ph.D., and 28 M.F.Sc., students, both as Chairman and member, he has facilitated the publication of research papers in high-impact journals. His innovative ability is evident in the development of 15 technologies, of which 5 have garnered approval from the ICAR, New Delhi and are featured in their Technology Compendium. He has been duly recognized with 19 honours, encompassing accolades such as the Best Scientist Award, Best Researcher Award, Best Teacher Award, Best Paper Awards, fellowships, travel grants and certificates of appreciation. His international footprint includes visits to five countries for conferences and capacity-building endeavours.
His visionary leadership extends beyond academia to the creation of major infrastructure facilities in 10 locations spanning seven districts in Tamil Nadu. Notably, he has overseen the establishment of four incubation facilities in aquaculture and fish processing across four districts. His commitment to vocational training is evidenced by the establishment of a Directorate of Incubation and Vocational Training and a Paraprofessional Institute of Aquaculture Technology and introduction of a vocational course in Aquaculture designed to benefit Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups (SEDG) and promote entrepreneurial start-ups.
He has organised 19 national and 2 international events, where he served as organizing secretary and convener. Under his guidance, approximately 100 training
programmes in aquaculture have been conducted. His impact on local communities is profound, with the development of 30 location-specific indigenous feed formulations utilizing region-specific, cost-effective ingredients benefiting around 100 fish farmers under the NADP project. Additionally, the colour-enhancing technology developed for fish has been adopted around 25 ornamental fish breeders and culturists in Thoothukudi and Chennai.
His dedication to fostering economic empowerment is evident in the success stories of around 100 youth who have witnessed increased production in ornamental fish breeding, composite fish culture units and other aquaculture ventures in Tamil Nadu during his tenure at KVK. The implementation of composite fish culture in farmers’ ponds and community ponds has positively impacted around 25 farmers through two IAMWARM projects.

Dr. Suttinee Limthammahisorn

Dr. Suttinee Limthammahisorn

Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC)

Keynote Speech Title: “Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Future of Southeast Asia’s Fisheries and Aquaculture”


Dr. Suttinee Limthammahisorn, the current Secretary-General of Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), is an expert in fisheries management and policy development. From her Bachelor of Science in Fishery Management from Kasetsart University, Thailand, she strengthened her expertise with a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Technology from Mahidol University, Thailand. Her academic journey was completed with a Doctor of Philosophy in Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures from Auburn University, USA, providing her with an academic foundation alongside practical experience. Throughout her career, Dr. Suttinee has utilized her academic background to blend theoretical knowledge with practical expertise. From her early roles as a Technical Group Head to her current leadership as Secretary-General of SEAFDEC, she has consistently showcased her commitment to advancing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices. Dr. Suttinee’s dedication is evident in her efforts to promote the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture through effective fisheries management and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Plenary Speaker



Professor of Aquaculture
Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona,


Professor Ike OLIVOTTO is a Professor of Aquaculture at the Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy. He is author of more than 100 indexed papers related to aquaculture and he has participated to many national and international conferences.

Since years, his main research areas are related to fish welfare and development in relation to sustainability. More specifically professor Olivotto is involved in projects testing new and sustainable aquafeed ingredients like insect meal and single cell proteins, the effects of dietary microplastics on fish welfare and development, possible solutions to counteract the side effects of dietary microplastics in fish, as well the application and the development of new technologies for water treatment (IMTA, aquaponics, photocatalysis).

The laboratory where he works has modern equipment to run several analyses on biological samples to have a comprehensive overview of fish physiological responses. These include molecular biology techniques, histology, confocal microscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, immunohistochemical techniques as well the possibility to run fish tests in a dedicated wet lab equipped with modern tanks for temperate, ornamental, and polar species (The aquarium lab). To ensure an international environment several foreign PhD students, post-docs and scientists are visiting his lab.

He is part of the editorial board of “Animals” journal, aquatic animal section and one of the editors of the book “Marine Ornamental Species Aquaculture”. Wiley Bleckwell, Oxford, UK. ISBN: 978-0-470-67390-4”.

Additionally, he is guest editor of the two special issues ” Sustainable Aquaculture: Nutrition Studies in Early Developing Finfish, Ornamentals and Experimental Model Fish” and “Innovations in Aquaculture Sustainability and Endangered Aquatic Species Conservation: Advances in Reproduction, New Aquafeed Formulations, Sustainable Farming Systems, Emerging Contaminants, and Waste Treatment and Revalorization” for Animals Journal.

The most important projects Prof. Ike OLIVOTTO is/was participating are the following:

HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions, HORIZON-CL6-2023-CircBio-02-3-two-stage ONE EARTH -Non-plant biomass feedstock for industrial applications: technologies and processes to convert non-lignocellulosic biomass and waste into bio-basedchemicals, materials and products, improving the cascading valorization of biomass.

CARIMED HORIZON-MISS-2022-CLIMA-01-06 Climate Adaptation and Resilience Demonstrated In the MEDiterranean region.

– HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-01. Bringing knowledge and consensus to prevent and reduce FOod LOss at the primary production stage. Understanding, measuring, training and adopting.

–  PO FEAMP 2014-2020, Misura 2.50-2 level Master in Aquaculture

– Cariverona, Caritro, PSR, Ager 2 projects about the use of sustainable ingredients in aquaculture.


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