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The 11th International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture 2024

ICFA 2024 encourages the community of international researchers to share their experiences and discussions. In the history of the Future Education series, the conferences have been held in two different countries. The ICFA 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 conference was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka; ICFA 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand; and ICFA 2020, 2021 were held fully virtual. ICFA 2022 were held in Jakarta, Indonesia. ICFA 2023 were held in Bali, Indonesia. With the overwhelming support and acknowledgment from all the delegates of the past series, we wish to pioneer a way to another outstanding event.

Theme of the ICFA 2024 Conference

“Navigating Towards Carbon-Neutral Fisheries: Sustaining the Blue Economy in a Green Future”

Explore the theme ‘Navigating Towards Carbon-Neutral Fisheries: Sustaining the Blue Economy in a Green Future’ at the International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture 2024. This conference focuses on addressing the challenges and opportunities within the fisheries industry as it strives for carbon neutrality. Participants will engage in discussions, sharing innovative strategies and practices for sustainable fisheries management. The event aims to foster collaboration and contribute to the development of a green economy, ensuring the longevity of marine resources and the prosperity of the blue economy in the face of environmental challenges.

Objectives of ICFA 2024

Build Updated and Futuristic International Community

One of the main objectives of ICFA 2024 is to continuously improve the standards of the international community of researchers, scholars, and academics by exposing them to the latest trends and developments while addressing the theme, “Navigating Towards Carbon-Neutral Fisheries: Sustaining the Blue Economy in a Green Future.”

High Quality Conference Standards and Publication Standards

The conference is specially designed by the TIIKM Research and Development team together with a committee of experts and international universities and networks with the guidance of the Academic Governing Body of TIIKM conferences. ICFA 2024 meets the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and conference general standards created to maximize industry –academia – policymaker collaborations. Conference consists with several special issues and high quality supported journals while conference proceedings are published in Open Journal System (OJS) with indexing and DOI.

Platform with Highest Networking Opportunities

The 11th International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture 2024 (ICFA 2024) has a wide range of networking opportunities to maximize participants’ international network. Conference networking dinner together with cultural show, academic partner’s discussions, panel discussions, lunches and refreshments, post-conference tour will be great opportunities for participants to get life changing experiences. Moreover, the conference venue is one of the beautiful cities in the world.

Develop Careers and Increase Opportunities

ICFA 2024 is designed to develop the careers of the participants and increase opportunities for their future. The renowned resource persons in the education field will conduct special features of the conference. The conference will also provide a unique convergence of networking, learning, and inspiring keynote speeches, Discussions, plenary speeches, and workshops will be presented, along with the highest grade of publication opportunities.

Conference Tracks

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Sustainable Aquaculture Practices
  • Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)
  • Eco-friendly Cage Farming
  • Innovations in Land-Based Aquaculture Systems
Aquatic Health Management and Disease Control
  • Advances in Aquatic Immunology
  • Disease Surveillance and Early Detection
  • Biosecurity Measures in Aquaculture
Genetics, Reproduction, and Breeding Techniques
  • Genomic Applications in Aquaculture
  • Selective Breeding for Desired Traits
  • Reproductive Biotechnologies
Aquatic Resource Management and Environmental Impact
  • Ecosystem-Based Management
  • Aquatic Habitat Restoration
  • Climate Change Resilience in Aquatic Systems
Aquaculture Economics and Market Dynamics
  • Global Aquaculture Market Trends
  • Trade Policies and Agreements
  • Economic Models for Sustainable Aquaculture
Food Quality, Safety, and Value Addition
  • Post-Harvest Innovations
  • Quality Assurance Standards
  • Value Addition Technologies
Aquaculture Engineering and Technology
  • Advances in Fishing Gear Technology
  • Vessel Design and Navigation Systems
  • Robotics and Automation in Aquaculture
Nutrition and Feed Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Feed Ingredients
  • Precision Nutrition in Aquaculture
  • Feed Conversion Efficiency Strategies
Aquatic Biology, Ecology, and Habitat Management
  • Biodiversity Conservation in Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Ecological Farming Practices
  • Wetland and Coastal Habitat Preservation
Aquaculture Certification and Standards
  • Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)
  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Certification
  • Organic Aquaculture Standards

Send your Abstract

You are invited to send your abstract on or before 06th August 2024 according to given the abstract guidelines. Different registration packages of the conference provide you so many benefits including food, conference pack, abstract book, eligibility to attend the technical sessions, career development workshops, publication opportunities etc. You can select different presentation modes according to your preference. Presentations awards are one of the key elements of the conference. The presenters of the conference will be evaluated by a special committee of academic experts during the conference and best presenters will be awarded at the awarding ceremony.


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