Call for Papers

“Depletion of Aquatic Biodiversity and Aquaculture as a Decisive Remedy.”

Aquatic biodiversity is a vital component to a country in the disguise of recreation, as food security and the national economic development of a nation. The fisheries sector has faced numerous issues resulting from human interventions in the form of overfishing, oil spills and pollution arising from wastage disposals in the marine habitats. The subject is of paramount importance to be addressed and the need for the message to be disseminated is crucial.

The Conference will witness the participation of academicians, researchers, industry expects, policy makers and professionals in the fields of Fisheries and Aquaculture. The gathering will certainly pave way for necessary measures taken to overcome the problems faced by the sector and for precautions to counter issues that will arise in the future.

The organizing committee of ICFA 2017 welcomes all researchers to submit abstracts for their papers to be eligible to be able to present at the Conference in the forms of Oral, Poster and Virtual Presentations on the following key areas but not limited to ;

  • Food Security and Small Scale Aquaculture
  • Fish and Human Health
  • Over Fishing and Ecosystem Degradation
  • Climate Change and Aquatic Biodiversity
  • Technological Advances in Aquaculture
  • Challenges in Aquatic Health Management

We invite you to submit papers for ORAL and POSTER and VIRTUAL selection.
Submission deadline: 31st July 2017
Submit your research paper to abstract@aquaconference.com

Make sure you submit your abstracts only at abstract@aquaconference.com  on or before the 31st of July 2017. If accepted by the reviewing committee, your research findings are entitled to all modes of Oral, Virtual or Poster presentations.

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Considering the time available for presentations followed by the discussion sessions, we have decided not to exceed the following presentation limits in the conference, provided that the Quality is the prime focus throughout the event.

  • 200 Oral Presentations
  • 50 Poster Presentations
  • 20 Virtual Presentations
If you wish to be a presenter at ICFA 2017, reserve your slot now itself!