Conference Objectives

ICFA 2019 provides an exciting opportunity for effective interaction and cooperation among scientists and technicians who are involved in fisheries and aquaculture research and development in Asia with the view of encouraging and facilitating research activity, implementing research findings, sharing of information and publication of research results.

The primary objectives of the conference:

  • Engage young researchers and scientists to conduct improved studies and researches that open up new avenues for a better world.
  • Maximize the interchange of insight, experience and research advancements on the concerned topics which will result in maximum utilization, cultivation, conservation, and development of aquatic resources.
  • Facilitate effective gathering and discourse among those included in innovative activities in fisheries and aquaculture nationally and internationally.
  • Extend cooperation between Industry, governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  • Generating public awareness by discussing various advancements and challenges of the Aquaculture and Fisheries sector and also by promoting innovative products via workshops and discussions.

Career Development for Participants

Other than the main objective, the 6th International Conference on   Fisheries and Aquaculture 2019 (ICFA 2019) is designed for the career development of all the participants in many ways.  The ICFA 2019 has been designed by the TIIKM Research and Development team together with many experts in the field of aquaculture including eminent researchers, academia, industry professionals, government officials, and other professional bodies around the world.

ICFA 2019 will provide the opportunity for researchers to become session chairs/ evaluation panel members/ scientific reviewing committee/ workshop moderators/panelists inside the conference. The conference also has identified a number of high-quality journals to provide fast tracking publication opportunities.

Featured Events

Join ICFA 2019 keynote forum, listen to inspiring speakers, workshops, lunch and learns networking dinner, and more to learn everything you need to know about thriving in the field of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Overall the ICFA 2019 is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water and the conference will be a significant part of achieving SDG’s to make our earth a better place for everyone.

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