ICFA Keynote Speakers

Dr.Rohana Subasinghe

Dr. Rohana Subasinghe
Senior Fishery Resources Officer (Aquaculture),
Aquaculture Management and Conservation Service,
Fisheries and Aquaculture Department,
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Rohana Subasinghe is currently the Chief of the Aquaculture Brach of FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department. He is specialized in aquaculture development and aquatic animal health management. Since his graduation in 1980 from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, he has worked in all parts of the world, with most experience in Asia. He joint FAO in 1994 and took responsibility in implementing many projects on aquaculture and aquatic animal health at national, regional and international levels worldwide. Among others, at FAO, he is also responsible for analyses of trends in aquaculture development globally. A former teacher of the University of Colombo and the Universiti Putra Malaysia, Rohana earned his PhD from Stirling University. He has been responsible for developing the internationally approved FAO aquaculture certification guidelines and the evaluation framework for the assessment of conformity of certification schemes with those guidelines. He serves as the Technical Secretary to the Sub-Committee on Aquaculture of the Committee on Fisheries of the FAO, the only global inter-governmental forum on aquaculture. Rohana’s latest endeavour is to develop a global partnership for aquaculture development, particularly addressing the need for a concerted effort to ensure future aquaculture development will become increasingly socially acceptable, environmentally sustainable, and responsibly managed.

Dr. K. Pani Prasad
Professor at Central Institute of Fisheries Education,

Dr. K. Pani Prasad, Professor at Central Institute of Fisheries Education, India, has been successful in his pioneering work to develop immunodiagnostic kits for rapid detection of bacterial and viral pathogens of finfish and shellfish. He had developed strategies for increased fish production with use of probiotics, immunostimulants and other scientific practices. He has developed rapid on-farm kits for detection of white spot and yellow head virus of shrimps and bacterial pathogens of finfish and shellfish. Dr. K. Pani Prasad contributed immensely in developing and coordinating national and international training programs in advanced areas of aquatic animal health management. Dr. K. Pani Prasad is the recipient of many national and international awards and authored over 70 research papers in peer reviewed journals. He has guided 10 Ph. D and 44 Master’s studentsas Major Advisor.

Prof.Sarath Kotagama

Dr. Farshad Shishehchian
The President of the World Aquaculture Society, Asia Pacific Chapter.
President & CEO of Blue Aqua International groups of companies

Dr. Farshad is the founder, President & CEO of Blue Aqua International groups of companies with over 14 countries present. Blue Aqua International is a one-stop solution provider for aquaculture industry. Blue Aqua manufactures and distributes specialty products and services to the customers as well as the innovative and holistic solutions to help customers increase their profits and operate their business sustainably and environmentally friendly. Dr Farshad is the inventor of the Mixotrophic system, super intensive shrimp farming system, which has PCT patented in over 144 countries.
In the meantime, Dr. Farshad Shishehchian is the Founder & President of the Asian Aquaculture Network (AAN), established as a regional professional network of communication, knowledge and sharing practical technical information about aquaculture. The primary focus is on promoting sustainable development and profitable practices of aquaculture in Asia. AAN is a networking platform providing the updated information and emerging news about aquaculture, communicating and affiliating with research institutions and universities to collaborate on practical research, educational and technological development, information exchange and student exchange program etc.
Dr Farshad currently is the President of the World Aquaculture Society, Asia Pacific Chapter. He has dynamic, hand-on experience in managing farms and hatcheries and local networking over 20 years in the world’s top aquaculture producing countries. Some of his vast experiences include organizing, presenting and participating in diversified level of industry seminars; conferences and panels of discussion from local ones to internationally recognized ones.
Dr. Farshad holds a Ph.D in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology. He has rich experience and profound understanding of aquaculture in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Philippine, China, Sri-Lanka, Malaysia, Korea, Norway, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, Singapore and Chile.

Prof.Sarath Kotagama

Prof (Dr.) H.Shivananda Murthy
Professor & Head, Dept of Aquaculture at the Karnataka Veterinary & Fisheries Sciences University, College of Fisheries, Mangalore.

Prof (Dr.) H.Shivananda Murthy is presently serving as Professor & Head, Dept of Aquaculture at the Karnataka Veterinary & Fisheries Sciences University, College of Fisheries, Mangalore. He has served as Director of Extension, (a key officer post) for a full term of three years’ service at the University Head Quarter Bidar. Dr H. Shivananda Murthy is recently nominated as Member of the Karnataka Biodiversity Board, Bangalore, for a term of three years by the Government of Karnataka.
Prof Murthy is the recipient of the National ‘Jawaharalal Nehru Award’ of the Government of India, New Delhi; ‘Sir C V Raman Award’ of the Government of Karnataka; ‘Nagamma Dattatreya Rao Desai Best Research Award’ of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore; Overseas Fellowship Award of Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi; Fellowship Awards of Overseas Development Administration (ODA), UK; International Foundation for Science, Sweden; and other awards/recognitions.

Prof.Sarath Kotagama

Dr. W. S. Lakra
Director & Vice Chancellor, Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Versova, Mumbai, India.

Dr. W.S. Lakra significantly contributed to researches such as for Generated DNA Barcodes of over 400 fish species; Developed cell lines from several freshwater and marine fish species; Developed molecular markers, Gene banking, and breeding technologies for major species used in Indian aquaculture. Recently he, innovative technologies for Inland Saline Aquaculture were developed as Team Leader. He has Over 300 Publications including research papers, books and bulletins and guided 35 Ph.D. and M.F.Sc.

He has won several Awards/Honors such as Dr. Rajendra Prasad National Award of ICAR, 2003; Hari Om Ashram Trust National Award of ICAR, 2009; Dr. M.S. Swaminathan Best Indian Fisheries Scientist Award, 2007; Vividhlaxi Audyogik Samshodhan Vikas Kendra (VASVIK) Award, 2008; Dr. V.G. Jhingran Gold Medal, 2003; Dr. Hiralal Chaudhuri Leadership Award, 2003; Gold Medal, Indian Academy of Environmental Sciences, 2006; Prof. J.S. Dutta Munshi Medal of ZSI, 2008; Gold Medal of Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 2009; Dr. S. Z. Qasim Medal – 2012; Dr. P. Bhattacharya Memorial Award of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences for the Biennium 2011-2012.

He has the Fellowships for National Academy of Agricultural Sciences; National Academy of Sciences, India; Nature Conservators (International Scientific Society); Inland Fisheries Society of India; Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology; Zoological Society of India; National Institute of Ecology.

He was as the Chair, Sub-Group on Fisheries constituted by Planning Commission, GOI; Chair, Working Group for Fisheries Development in Haryana, constituted by Haryana Kisan Ayog, Government of Haryana; President, Indian Fisheries Association, Mumbai; Co-Chair, DBT Task Force on Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology; Member, Scientific Steering Committee, International Barcode of Life Project, University of Guelph, Canada; Member, Team of Experts for Review of Genetic Improvement and Biodiversity Programmes of the World Fish Centre, Malaysia, 2002. Member, Membership Promotion Committee, World Aquaculture Society, USA. And Member, Expert Panel for Indo-UK bilateral programs in Animal Health & Biotechnology, London. He was mobilized over 50 crores external funding from National & International agencies as Program Leader/PI/Co-PI/Director and Head of the organizations during the past 10 years.

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